Instructions for applying to join us

On the eve of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, in order to unite scientific and technological workers and contribute to Hong Kong's scientific and technological cause, it was jointly initiated by Hong Kong and international scientific celebrities, and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Technology was established on June 15, 1997. Since its establishment, the association has been committed to coordinating and promoting the development of various fields of science and technology, improving the quality of science and technology and culture, playing a role in promoting social productivity, and making important contributions to scientific and technological exchanges around the world.

The association is a non-profit professional association composed of professional members spanning different fields such as science, engineering, medicine, and electronic information.With the development policy of "serving Hong Kong, caring for the country, and connecting the world", the Hong Kong Association for Science and Technology regularly organizes related activities in various fields of science and technology, and is committed to promoting Hong Kong to become an internationally renowned science and technology center.

Here, we warmly welcome you to join us! The specific joining method is as follows:

1.Membership Qualification
    Anyone who agrees with the Association's 
“Regulation” and loves language research will be a member of the Association after being approved by the Association.

2.Membership Categories, Dues, Eligibility

1)Professional Member

Hold a relevant master's degree or above,Annual membership fee is HK$4,000.

2)Ordinary member

Hold a relevant bachelor's degree or above,Annual membership fee is HK$2,000.

3)Group member

Engaged in related industries,Annual membership fee is HK$10,000. 

3.Application method
    Applicants are required to submit the following information by official email (


Type of data


Membership application form


1.5-inch electronic photo


Copy of identity document/Copy of unit's supporting documents




Degree Certificates


Relevant professional certificates, research results and works in recent years and other materials that are helpful for the application (if any) can also be provided

4.Membership procedure 

When the application materials for membership are complete, the Association will conduct a qualification review. The review will be completed within 15 working days, and the application result will be replied by email.